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Fact Sheet

Game Name               Wildwood Down

Platforms                    PC/MAC (Steam) PS5 (TBD) XBox SeriesX (TBD) Switch (TDB)

Developer                   Crashable Studios(Based in Maryland, United States)

Game Genre               Comical Story-Driven Murder Mystery 

Release Region           World Wide

Languages                  English, German (TBD)

Controller Support     Full controller support

Price                           TBD

Release Date             Demo on Website Oct.1 2023

                                  PC/Steam Mid-Late 2024


‘Wildwood Down’ is a point-and-click adventure set in Wildwood, NJ. Combining the bubble gum pop scenery mixed with a dark murder, ‘Wildwood Down’ is sure to captivate any story loving gamer.  The 2d pixel art mixed with 3d environments has a unique charm that cultivates the  game play and story telling that is Wildwood Down.


---  In "Wildwood Down," a chummy high school senior with Down syndrome embarks on a radically humorous adventure along the boardwalk of Wildwood, New Jersey. With his sister's life on the line, he must unravel a murder mystery, navigating eccentric characters, unexpected twists, and his own unique perspective to crack the case before time runs out. Can this unlikely hero outsmart the danger lurking beneath the cheerful fa-cade of America's favorite seaside destination?  ---

The main character is inspired by the developers childhood friend/brother from another mother "Daniel". Daniel has Down syndrome, a fantastic sense of humor, and loves video games. He is voice acting all of his own character's lines and helping with writing the dialogue.


A Funtastic Coastal environment with attractive 2D/3D Art
The visuals are a "first-in-it's-class" for the P&C genre. A combination of 
2D and 3D graphics with a unique art style that presents beautiful 3d landscapes while retaining the pixel art heart of classic adventure games. Wildwood Down pulls players into it's world: cinematic camera work, a 3d soundscape, full character voice acting, and retrograde frame by frame pixel art animations.

Cheeky Puzzles add to the humorous dichotomy of the world of Wildwood Down.
The protagonist Daniel finds himself making donuts, winning an underground wrestling tournament, and getting thrown out of bars in-order to unveil the murderer of his good friend and hopefully save his sister.

An engaging journey with "Daniel" and his eccentric friends. Provides an immersive adventure with quirky but lovable characters full of jokes, spoofs, and other humorous scenes. Be ‘Dan,’ and unravel the sinister plot of the "Boardwalk Butcher". Help the high school seniors party on and save your sister!

Photos & Gifs

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Logo / Key Art

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WWD Key Art Squared.png
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